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Serverüberwachung / Servermonitoring mit Livewatch.de
Servermonitoring mit Livewatch.de


Some Apps that I have programmed:

ZRaten (number guess)

Guess a number from 1 to 1000. the app say you if your number is to big or to small. Version 0.6:
last version with api 2
Version 0.61:
now api 4 and support of small screen resolution

Entscheider / decision-maker

screenshot from decision-maker

you can not decide?
should I go to the cinema?
should I tell it?
and or many more..
the decision-maker will help you!
Version 0.5:
Version 0.51:
fixed wrong written "Apri" to "April" in german translation
Version 0.52:
now api 4 and support of small screen resolution

since 20.01.2012 (12/01/20) available under android market (now google play apps)

Download apps with your android phone

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