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Serverüberwachung / Servermonitoring mit Livewatch.de
Servermonitoring mit Livewatch.de


cause i am not willing to pay a lot of money to one of this for no work excessive earning company's at the head of this authoritarian certification system i have a self signed certificate for this server. I could no explain the meaning of that all in many words but there is a bunch off good information about this topic online. So you may would like to look up some of the following topics by your own: SSL/TLS; self signed certification; PKI; PKI compared to Web of Trust; disadvantages of the PKI System; etc

I will provide here a list of my certificates with fingerprints to identify my certificates. If you are asked you should check if the mentioned certificate is listed here and if the fingerprint is correct you should trust them to don't get asked again. But dont forget that these connection where you are getting this information right now could be also compromised. So you should get sure that you trust your Internet connection.

main certificate (used for Web Server (https)


SHA-1 Fingerprint

5C 77 F9 AB 6A 21 8D 23 BB F8 16 AC C7 7C 68 15 D7 F8 23 A9

SHA-256 Fingerprint

56 8C 27 0E 17 FB 12 46 03 7B EA 3A 9C 92 6E 26 92 A3 38 AD C2 22 2D 73 4B CB 88 A8 AE FA 9C 21

stay tuned

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