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Serverüberwachung / Servermonitoring mit Livewatch.de
Servermonitoring mit Livewatch.de


the dino game in chrome is a pure web application, so you dont need chrome just to play that game...

open embedded page directly (if keyboard input dosnt work)


btw/faq: this is the good old version so no touch, click the dino to capture your keyboard and use your space key to play... (anklicken und Leertaste, keine moderne version sondern classic), also there is no usage of cookies or such so if you want to keep your highscore take a screenshot ;)

so, i brought GPT-4 by a lot if trail and error to add some touch and mouse input routines, unfortunately it was not able to make the sound work when initializing it using this so use space bar first and then switch if you prefere, or if you dont like sound do it the other way around ;)


the embedded game is now the gptmodversion01

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